Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years Resolutions...

Happy New Year!

Hi Everybody!  I'm Danielle from Crayonbox Learning.  I'm excited to be writing the first post for 2015 here on Elementary Grapevine.

I wanted to share with you some fun New Year Resolution Resources that I found on Teachers Pay Teachers. All of these resources are FREE.  There are varying age ranges for these resources, most can be adapted for younger classrooms as needed.  (Click on the title of each resource, to visit the download page).

New Year Resolutions - Create-Abilities  Cassie from Create-Abilities has created an amazing packet which includes 7 different resolution and goal setting writing activities including:  a New Year creative writing prompt. a timeline of events, My Resolutions, New Year Resolutions Girl, New Year Resolutions Boy, My Favorite Things from the Past Year, and My Goals for Next Year.

New Years Resolution Mobile -  Created by Mr. Hughes   I love this activity from Created by Mr. Hughes. This packet includes pages for students to reflect upon the past year as well as to set new goals for the coming year. The writing pages also become a mobile.

New Years Resolutions using Nonsense Words - Mrs. O Knows I enjoyed this packet from Mrs. O Knows because it had a different spin on writing resolutions.  Students will write their resolutions but they have to use a nonsense word and support the meaning of the word(s) with context clues.  I think all kids love silly sounding words!  This free packet includes a context clue information page, 2 types of context clues information pages with examples, 2 assignment pages with examples, and a page for the student's final draft of their resolutions.

New Year Resolutions - A Peach for the Teach  Brandi from A Peach for the Teach is sharing a 4 page classroom New Year Resolution writing packet.  This packet includes pages for writing classroom resolutions as well as individual resolutions.

New Year Resolutions - Addie Williams  Addie has created a one page graphic organizer to highlight new year resolutions and goals.

Until next time,