Thursday, June 11, 2015

5 tips for a Relaxing Summer

Hello everyone, Krystal here from "Good Enough Teacher"... All of us grapevine gals are sure glad it is summer and we can't wait to start blogging more and sharing some great school ideas with you... But right now, we need a break, just like you do... So today I am not going to blog about teaching, but instead am going to share some tips to help you take a well-deserved break from teaching this summer, too! Ready?!

1. Take time for yourself... Without feeling guilty!
Don't allow yourself to think about school for a while... My rule is one month (or more, if you think you can handle it! I really try not to think about school until August.) We got out of school June 5th this year, so the months of June and July are what I call my "me time". I don't go into school, even if it's open and we "can" be there. Guess what - it will still be there for you next month! Take a break and don't feel bad about it. You have worked hard and endlessly for the last 9 months... You deserve a break.

2. Turn off your alarm.... At least once or twice :)
Now I realize this might be hard if you have kids, but believe me, it will feel so nice to sleep in and give your body the rest it needs!

3. Make a summer to-do list:
Each year, my friends and I make some fun plans, and we call it our "summer of fun". We have a private group on facebook where we can post ideas or upcoming events in town, and make a list of things we want to do during the summer. There are some traditional events we attend each year, and other things that just sound fun. If you're not sure where to start, here's some ideas:

  • Festivals (here in Utah, we love to go to the ScottishFestival, sidewalk chalk festival, and hot air balloon festival, to name a few)
  • Bonfires - grab some marshmallows and roasting sticks and make s'mores
  • Outdoor movie night: either a drive in, or project your own outside!
  • Paint nite: I am the first to admit that I am NOT artistic, but I've done a few of these and they are all so much fun!
4. Do something you enjoy:
What is it that you love but just haven't had time to do all school year? Now is the time to become reacquainted with that hobby or interest. Read a book for leisure (save those PD books for later!); lounge by the pool; watch Pitch Perfect for the hundredth time (admit it, you know you have!!); binge-watch something on Netflix (I personally love Gilmore Girls and How I Met Your Mother!); get a pedicure and reward your feet for the last 9 months in the classroom.

5. Exercise:
Too often, we overlook this during the school year... Even if it doesn't involve going to the gym - get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Go for a walk, hike, swim, bike ride, just do something physical. You will feel so much better, I promise!

So there you have it, my 5 tips for a relaxing summer. Which tip is your favorite? What is one tip you would add to this list? Leave your suggestions in the comments. Happy summer :)


  1. I'm so excited for my summer to really start. Thanks for giving some easy tips for making summer actually truly be a break! Great Post.

  2. My alarm is TURNED OFF... it is delightful! ;)