Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Must See APP...Stick Pick!

Hey guys!! It's Nicole from All Things Apple in 2nd here to share a must use, or at least see, app!! :) You may have heard about this app before, but a couple of my friends just asked me about it. So I thought if they just heard about it, there had to be others that hadn't heard about it yet.

Stick Pick 

As our To-Do lists keep growing with new things we have to cover, we have to find ways to complete our to-do list with our sanity in tact! hah :) Among these requirements is the skill of questioning! How many of you know what I'm talking about?!? Well, questioning is one of our areas we're working on right now. I have oh about 10 different Bloom's Taxonomy organizers around my room, but in the middle of a lesson, it's not very time efficient to grab it, figure out what level I want to ask or they need to come up with, etc. 

Stepping in... Stick Pick!

Stick Pick is an app that let's you customize questions for each individual student. 
As you can see in the picture above, when you add a student, you pick which "question stem" you would like to use for that individual student. The ESL has the 5 levels, and the Bloom's has all the levels as well. You can also choose to simply use it as you would popsicle sticks in your room.
When you pick a student (you can "peek" and pick specific students or randomly), the question stems will be listed below. This way you are individualizing instruction for each student and challenging all of them at their own levels! This has to hit every corner of that evaluation rubric right?? hah Aside from evaluations, this app simply makes our lives easier. I even think that once you get used to the question stems, you'll start using them without the app even around. 

This app also has options on how to pick sticks: shake the device or tap the device. You can set up one class or several that would work for small groups. I think this could even be used for kids to generate questions. So bottom line, there are tons of ways to use this app! :)

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Thanks so much for stopping by!!! Happy APPing!! :)

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