Sunday, September 13, 2015

Using Photos for Writing Prompts

Hi everybody!   Danielle here from Crayon Box Learning.  I'm going to share with you how to use photos as writing prompts, as well as, my go-to sources for photos that are suitable for classroom use.

Using photos for writing prompts can be a fun way to peak a student's interest, and spark their imagination.  Photos can provide opportunities for students to consider what is happening or has happened in the photo(s), or what the objects in the photo represents and then write about it.  

Photos can be prepared ahead of time and put into packets for writing centers, take home packs, and for independent desk work (early finishers).

Photo writing prompts can be printed onto cardstock, photo paper, or in some instances printed by an online processor such as Walmart or Shutterfly.     In my example below,  I used my photo editing program to add a number, border, and a sentence prompt.   Having a numbering system on the photos is helpful in case you want to refer back to the photo when reviewing your student's writing!

The photo prompts don't always have to have text on them.  They can be left open ended for students to write about what is depicted in the photo.

A good way to keep students engaged is to let them select their own photo writing prompt.  If they are interested in what they are working on, they are more apt to write more!

Photos are fairly easy to come by, and can be changed out based on different themes or seasonally. 

I recommend laminating the photos after you've printed them so that they remain durable.  

Online sources that I use for photos are:

1.  Morguefile:   A huge collection of photos under many different subjects.  Photo quality is excellent and the site is free. I use this site in particular for animal photos and some action pictures.

2.  Pixabay:  Another depository of photos.  This site is also free.  I use this particular site for animal photos, and some scenery.

3.  Dollar Photo Club:   This site is not free,  it is $1.00 per photo which is quite reasonable.  This site has an amazing assortment of photos.  I have found a lot of photos on this site that would be perfect for writing prompts.

(Note:  The sites mentioned above allow photos to be used for personal and commercial use. It's up to the individual user to know and understand the Terms of Use for any stock photography site they may use.)

Another idea using photos is for using your own digital camera or iPhone to capture photos as a daily writing prompt.  The photos you use do not have to be taken by a professional in order to use them for writing prompts.  Some of the best photos were taken by luck or a happy accident. 

If you use photos in your classroom, or have questions, feel free to leave me a comment below!  I love hearing from you!

Have a great week!


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