Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Encouraging "Super Readers" in the classroom

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Elementary Grapevine. I'm so happy to be a part of this great collaborative blog with so many other talented teachers. My name is Krystal and I blog over at "Good Enough Teacher". I call myself "good enough teacher" because I don't have time to get caught up in the stress that Pinterest seems to bring us teachers as we look at everyone else's perfect classrooms and amazing activities they create for their students, when I can barely get myself out of bed and into my classroom on time!! Can anyone relate? My students and I still have fun, we still learn, and they still love school, because they don't see all the cute stuff they are missing on Pinterest. I do my best, and that's "good enough" for me :)

So just to tell you a little bit about me... I love all things pink and Disney, and I hate winter (which seems ironic since I live in Utah).  I am starting my tenth year of teaching, and am switching to third grade after beginning my career in first grade followed by 8 years in second grade. I really thought I would be a second grade teacher for life, so this is definitely a new adventure for me. I switched grades in order to participate in a new technology program with my district, so I will be receiving a class set of google chrome books and am excited to share with you how I integrate technology into my classroom this year.

My back to school tip is to number your students!  I wrote a blog post about this recently, so you can read the whole post over at my blog... but I promise you, numbering my students is what keeps me sane and keeps the peace in my classroom!   

Today I wanted to share with you a little freebie that I created just for this special occasion!! I recently made some objectives posters for third grade, which you can read more about on my blog.... here's just a peek at the adorableness of my packets... I printed these at Costco at 5x7 photos, and plan on displaying them at the front of my room each day... take a look:

Anyway, I made some reading comprehension strategies posters to compliment the objectives posters. I hope these are something you can use in your classroom this coming year… They would make a great bulletin board! Click on the photo to download them from TPT, and remember to leave feedback if you like them... and in case you missed the big sale, my store is on sale for an extra 10% off today.  Thanks for stopping by today... make sure to follow my blog, pinterest, facebook, instagram, and TPT store so we can stay connected this year!  

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  1. I LOVE your "good enough" philosophy!!! I've never been terribly crafty and my desk is what I call "organized chaos", but I give my students my all, and to me that's "good enough"! I'm also a single mom (by choice) of two young children, and just returning to work from a year long maternity leave, so getting one to Kindergarten and the other to daycare and myself to work in time after a year of "leisure" will be my biggest back to school challenge. Thanks for your contribution! BTW, I thought I'd always be a grade 3 teacher after teaching 2/3, straight 3, and 3/4 over the past 13 years, and I'm heading into grade 2 this year.